Since time immemorial, mankind (as well as womankind, of course) has loved little wise sayings. These are often called aphorisms. (No, there is not going to be a quiz after this.)

We take aphorisms and some simple poems and add funny endings to them. We call these wackorisms. Since we also supply the full aphorisms, along with their origin and meaning, you can claim that you came here for educational purposes, as well as for inspiration.

Each week we will post the Wackorism of the Week. You can also send us your original wackorisms. Email them to wackorisms@gmail.com

Submission of your wackorism implies that we can use it for Wackorism of the Week. Let us know what name you want us to use to give you credit. (Sorry, no money compensation is forthcoming for this. A fool and his money..=..)


Jason H. Goodfriend, Ph.D.
Call him Jason. Jason is a senior manager in the marketing department of a major financial firm. Obviously, this gives him the credentials to have a humor blog. He has a Master’s degree in mathematics and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering, both from the University of Virginia. He has worked in government, private industry, and academia. Jason is the author of A Gateway to Higher Mathematics, which has been used as a college textbook for several colleges. Jason resides in Matthews, NC with his wife and a plant named Jacob.


Debbie K. Ard, no Ph.D.
Debbie is Jason’s best friend. Need we say more? Oh, we need. After a career that led her into management at a major pharmaceutical corporation, she has made several forays into entrepreneurial endeavors. For example, she has designed humorous tee-shirts for her company, Ardware LLC. Debbie has a Bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Maryland. She resides just outside of Charlotte, NC with her husband and daughter, along with a motley crew of dogs and cats.