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Wackorism for 5/16/2013

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Wackorism:  It is better to have loved and lost … only if you were able to score!


Aphorism:  ‘Tis better to have loved and lost … than never to have loved at all.

Origin:  These two lines are from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s lengthy poem “In Memorium A.H.H.,” which was published in 1850 (Verse 27).  “In Memorium” is actually a compilation of 131 small poems, written over a period of 17 years, with a prologue and an epilogue added at the beginning and end.  It was inspired by the untimely death of  Arthur Henry Hallam, Tennyson’s best friend, and his grief is a lens through which he explores the themes of life, death, nature, love, religion and the hereafter.

Meaning:  Because love raises us above life’s difficulties and transcends all worldly concerns, we are changed for the better for having shared love, even if we eventually lose the object of our love.


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